ViewSonic Wireless Media Gateway

ViewSonic's Wireless Media Gateway packs a cornucopia of networking features into one compact box. Available in 80GB ($399) and 120GB ($499) versions, it offers an 802.11g/b router, a four-port Ethernet switch, a USB print server, and a built-in NAS hard disk. Once all your digital music, photos, and videos are copied over to the Media Gateway's internal hard drive, you can use ViewSonic's WMA100 ($299) digital media receiver to stream them to your home entertainment system--without having to power up your PC. ViewSonic also offers bundled versions of each Media Gateway with the WMA100 at a slight discount: $699 for the 80GB package (the WMG80-B1) and $799 for the 120GB version (the WMG120-B1).