ViewSonic VX924 review: ViewSonic VX924

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MSRP: $429.00

The Good Attractive design; fast pixel-response rate; sleek cable-management system; clearly labeled OSM navigation.

The Bad Screen not uniform; height not adjustable; no ability to control screen settings with keyboard and mouse.

The Bottom Line With a fast pixel-response rate, the ViewSonic VX924 is a great LCD for gaming and watching DVDs, but it's not for the color-conscious.

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6.6 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 6
  • Support 7
  • Setup 7

ViewSonic VX924

The 19-inch ViewSonic VX924, like the Samsung SyncMaster 915N, has a fast 4-millisecond (ms) gray-to-gray pixel-response rate, making it appealing to gamers and movie watchers. While no LCD can keep up with the rapidly changing scenes of a movie or a game the way a CRT can, LCD manufacturers keep finding ways to bridge the gap by lowering their pixel-response times. Individual response-time specs are just one of the many numbers that affect a monitor's overall performance, and the way the specs are calculated isn't standard across manufacturers. Nevertheless, both the Samsung SyncMaster 915N and the ViewSonic VX924 display movies and gaming backgrounds with fewer errors than LCDs with significantly slower pixel-response times. The ViewSonic VX924, however, has a more attractive design and accepts a digital input. Though it has some screen-uniformity problems, we recommend it for gaming and movies; however, for general use, we prefer the SyncMaster 915N.

The ViewSonic VX924 gets its dapper look from a two-tone color scheme. A quarter-inch matte-silver bezel surrounds a three-quarter-inch matte-black bezel; the silver section of the bezel widens to an inch at the bottom to accommodate five silver onscreen menu (OSM) control buttons. The base follows the silver-and-black color scheme and is 11 inches wide but only 8 inches deep. This oblong design keeps the display from wobbling from side to side, but a firm touch to the front sends it wobbling back and forth. A hinge attaches the panel to the neck and allows the panel to tilt 20 degrees backward and 5 degrees forward; however, the screen doesn't raise, lower, pivot, or swivel. At almost 19 inches tall, the VX924 has plenty of height for taller individuals, but shorter people may wish the screen could be lowered.

Two snap-off plastic covers cleverly hide the input ports and the cords, creating an attractive back panel. The top panel hides the digital, analog, and power inputs, while the lower panel keeps the cords and the two plastic cable-management clips hidden.

The ViewSonic VX924's printed guide has one page of written instructions and four small illustrations that show you how to connect the VX924's cables to your PC or Macintosh computer. If you are connecting the VX924 to a Mac older than a G3, you will need a Macintosh adapter, available for $12.

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