ViewSonic VX1962wm review: ViewSonic VX1962wm

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MSRP: $225.00

The Good Higher resolution than usual. Unique design.

The Bad Image and text isn't sharp enough, requiring you to squint. Menu navigation is unintuitive.

The Bottom Line Viewsonic's VX1962wm almost makes it, but falls over at the finish line due to non-sharp image quality.

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6.0 Overall

ViewSonic's latest 19-inch monitor stands out in a few ways. The thin neck being the most obvious, which is then enhanced by the curved lower bezel area, with its symmetrical eye-shaped base completing this piece of unique industrial design.

It's mostly piano-black plastic and, although it's not the sturdiest design we've used, it's certainly adequate for the size. There's a pair of downwards firing speakers which, in spite of this fact, manage to produce better quality sound than a lot of monitors we've seen. While it's not high grade, and gamers and movie watchers will still want a dedicated set, it's certainly passable for day-to-day tasks.

Apart from the power button, featured in the bottom middle of the bezel, the four other control buttons are featured under the screen — with the labels in an intensely difficult to read black-on-black. The "1" and "2" buttons on ViewSonic monitors have always been a little unintuitive to use, but when the buttons are hidden away from sight with hard to see labels, the complexity increases an order of magnitude.

A simple cable management retention clip is included on the back, with a 3.5mm audio jack, DVI and VGA port are featured above this.

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