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ViewSonic VP930b review: ViewSonic VP930b

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MSRP: $479.00
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The Good Highly adjustable; includes two VGA inputs and one DVI input; useful software included.

The Bad Poor grayscale and color performance; expensive for a 19-inch LCD monitor.

The Bottom Line The ViewSonic VP930b is incredibly adjustable and includes great business-oriented software, but its steep price warrants much better performance.

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6.2 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 5
  • Support 8
  • Setup 6

Review Sections

What's so unusual about the ViewSonic VP930b?

As business LCD monitors go, the 19-inch ViewSonic VP930b doesn't stray far from the norm in its basic, boxy design. However, the VP930b offers useful color-calibration and asset-management software and tons of adjustability to fit nearly any ergonomic demand. Unfortunately, its poor image quality leaves us cold. For everyday uses such as viewing Web pages and text documents, the monitor's flaws aren't deal-breakers, but for its high $559 price, we expected better performance. For much better image quality and comparable flexibility, consider the similarly priced Sony SDM-X95KB or Philips Brilliance 190P6.

The ViewSonic VP930b's display panel is framed by a simple, narrow bezel with five rectangular adjustment buttons set discreetly into the bottom edge. Its range of ergonomic options is excellent. The panel glides smoothly up and down a track set into the neck, and you can raise and lower it an impressive 5.5 inches. The neck swivels 270 degrees, so it's easy to share what's on your display with coworkers or transition from working on your desk to watching a video on the couch. You can also tilt the display 20 degrees back and 5 forward and rotate it between portrait and landscape modes. ViewSonic even includes pivot software so that you can change the orientation of your Windows desktop to match that of the panel. The base isn't perfect--its four arms keep the monitor very stable but take up quite a bit of desk space.

On the back panel and within easy reach are one digital DVI port and two analog ports, the latter of which let you share the display between two computers. The monitor comes with one cable of each type. After you connect them, you can thread them through the three loops on the back of the neck so that they stay discreetly tucked out of view. The buttons for the onscreen menu (OSM) have little icons etched into them describing their functions, though we found them somewhat difficult to read. Despite the labels, navigating the OSM is easy to master.

ViewSonic also provides its new PerfectSuite software, which includes tools for color calibration, screen rotation, and asset management (for maintaining a fleet of these displays across a network). In addition, the software's theft-deterrence feature lets you protect the display and its settings with a personal identification number (PIN).

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