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ViewSonic 3DV5 review: ViewSonic 3DV5

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The Good Film your own 3D photos and videos for £150;. very easy to use;. autosterescopic screen lets you watch 3D without glasses;. works with 2D screens and comes with red/cyan glasses;. HDMI cable included.

The Bad Motion handling and 2D video quality isn't great;. design is a little crude;. poor sound recording.

The Bottom Line It would be easy to dismiss the ViewSonic 3DV5 as a gimmick, but we have to admit we had fun with it. The pocket camcorder makes filming and viewing your own 3D videos and photos simple and affordable.

Visit for details.

7.5 Overall

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If you've seen our review of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, you could be forgiven for thinking that filming your own 3D videos is only possible if you have a spare £1300 to burn. ViewSonic's 3DV5 sets out to prove quite the opposite. At £150, it's a highly affordable way to shoot both photos and videos in three glorious dimensions. But just how glorious are the results?


ViewSonic is probably not a name you'd instantly associate with video-camera equipment. PC monitors: yes. Projectors: maybe. But this is the first time we've seen anything resembling a camcorder from the company. The 3DV5 is in something of a field of its own, since it delivers something that is, at the moment, relatively unique -- 3D.

The closest point of reference, visually speaking, for ViewSonic's video camera is probably the Flip Video Ultra and similar pocket camcorders, which usually employ an upright candybar style, offer simplistic operation and come at a budget price. The 3DV5 is sort of a cruder-looking version of Flip's products -- it even has a built-in USB terminal just like the Ultra.

But where most video devices have a single lens and a single image sensor, the 3DV5 has two of each and films everything twice. Combining both simultaneously recorded images into one provides a three-dimensional effect similar to that used in stereoscopic cinema. You can view your movies and photos in 3D as you film, too, via the 2.4-inch autosterescopic screen on the unit's rear.

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