Sarah Tew/CNET

An epinephrine shot like the EpiPen can be crucial for folks who suffer from severe allergies. A new smart case on display here at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Tuesday is designed to help you keep tabs on this lifesaver.

The Veta is a connected case that holds your EpiPen and tracks its location with GPS. If you lose the Veta, you can use the FindMe feature of the Veta app that will activate the case's flashing lights and audio alerts (in case it's close by) and give you the last known location of the case (in case you left it at home).

The Veta is available for preorder online for $59 from Aterica Digital Health (converted, that's about £40 or AU$120), with free shipping in the US and Canada, beginning in February. It sounds like it could be shipped to other countries by request. The initial case will only support the EpiPen brand.

The product would be especially useful for parents of young or forgetful kids with severe allergies who need to keep their epinephrine shot close by.

The Veta app will also send alerts when someone removes the shot from the case, if the temperature gets too hot or too cold inside the case for the medicine to be viable, and when the EpiPen is about to expire.


  • Can create support circles to send alerts to multiple people such a caregivers and parents
  • App has videos and training material about how to properly use an EpiPen
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Comes with yellow or green cap