Ventev chargers keep your phones goin' and goin' (hands-on)

Ventev enables users to replenish their mobile device's power from just about anywhere with its new line of chargers.

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Watch this: Ventev shows off a host of Chargers at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS -- Ventev showcased its newest line of portable power chargers and battery packs at CES 2014, which wraps up today in Las Vegas. These include its Powercell 6000+, two car chargers, and the UtilityCharger 2100.

Sporting a gray-and-orange design, all devices feature a minimalistic, attractive aesthetic that is compact and easy to carry around. While neither of these products are rugged, the gray soft-touch material coating around the devices give them a more premium, notable feel.

The Powercell 6000+ is a battery charger that directly plugs into a wall outlet. It has two USB outputs (one is 1A and the other is 2.1A), so it can charge two mobile devices. Inside is a 6,000mAh polymer battery that can juice up your handset with 25 hours of talk time.

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Ventev's two car chargers include the Dashport r2240 and the Powerdash r900. The former, which can be identified by its ridged construction, has two rapid-charging USB ports. The latter only has one, however, but it is able to retain its charge due to a 900mAh battery inside.

The r900 is great for when you haven't finished charging your smartphone in your car and need to continue drawing power. Though it's notably not as light as the r2240, it's definitely more convenient.

Ventev Utilitycharger
The Ventev UtilityCharger 2100 has indented sides for manageable cable wrapping. Lynn La/CNET

Lastly, there is the UtilityCharger. A car charger and a wall charger in one, the device unfortunately does not retain a charge. However, it does have a clean, fold-out design and two USB outputs (2.1A and 1A). There are also two small indents on either side of its body to wrap cords around.

The Powercell 6000+ is available soon for $74.99. The Dashport cost $29.99, and both the Powerdash and Utilitycharger are $39.99.

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