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Turbo Charge TC2 Portable Game Charger review: Turbo Charge TC2 Portable Game Charger

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The Good Easy-to-use, quick way to get more play time out of the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS/DS Lite, and Game Boy SP; doubles as a powerful LED flashlight.

The Bad Actual additional play times differ from what's advertised on the packaging; cables are too short for comfortable gaming when attached; short wire adapters cause charger to dangle; does not work with Game Boy Micro (despite claim to the contrary); burns through AA batteries.

The Bottom Line The Turbo Charge TC2 Portable Game Charger will give you some extra time with your portable gaming devices, but a few design and performance flaws hold it back from being the ultimate power solution.

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5.0 Overall
  • Design 4
  • Features 6
  • Performance 5

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When it comes to portable gaming, nothing is as important as battery life. The Nintendo DS Lite has done a great job of maximizing the length of time you get on a single charge, and the Sony PSP's lifespan on a charge leaves room for improvement (although the device's battery life was improved with the PSP Slim). But if you find your play time coming up short on either handheld, the Turbo Charge TC2 Portable Game Charger promises to extend your battery life--so long as you have access to a good supply of AA batteries.

Measuring in at 3.2 inches by 1.5 inches by 0.75 inch, the Turbo Charge is no bigger than a pack of Tic Tacs. Its rubberized grip feels solid in your hand, and the AA battery door is easily accessible. Two wired adapters accompany the charger, one for the Sony PSP (it works equally well with the original PSP 1000 and the newer, slimmer PSP 2000), and one dual-tipped adapter for the original DS, DS Lite, and Game Boy Advance SP. Turbo Charge advertises the Portable Game Charger as a power solution for the Game Boy Micro as well, however, the included adapters do not work with the Micro at all. (A nearly identical product, the Turbo Charge TC2 Portable Cell Phone Charger, uses the same battery pack to juice up cell phones instead.)

Operating the Turbo Charge Portable Game Charger is a breeze. With two AA batteries installed, simply attach the appropriate wired adapter and either continue playing or set it aside for charging. Three blue LEDs light up letting you know that charging has begun, and they will disappear one by one as the AAs lose their strength. Once they disappear, the AA batteries have been exhausted and it's time to swap them out with fresh ones. The switch on the device has three settings: charge (on), off, and flashlight. Yes, the device actually doubles as a bright LED flashlight that uses barely any power whatsoever. In fact, even when our Game Charger displayed an empty power meter, the LED flashlight continued to work perfectly.

While the Portable Game Charger does keep you gaming, the claims on the product's packaging are quite deceiving. We've already told you about the lack of support for the Game Boy Micro (which is printed all over the box), but there's also some claims about additional playtime that need to be addressed. Turbo Charge says that two fresh AAs will give you an additional 5 hours of game time with the PSP--however we found that 3 hours is more accurate. We would imagine performance for the PSP Slim would be better, but probably not two hours better. Turbo Charge says that the DS Lite will benefit with up to seven and a half hours of playtime which was a more accurate assessment--our Turbo Charge was able to give our DS Lite almost seven hours of added gameplay.

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