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Tunewear Iceware (case)

The Tunewear Iceware provides a grippy ribbed exterior for slip-free control and a thick silicone exterior that tightly snuggles to your Shuffle and protects it from harm.

Tunewear Iceware

The Tunewear Icewear is a great choice for a iPod Shuffle case, combining good scuff and weather protection, a ribbed surface, and translucent materials that let the Shuffle's own elegance come through--all for a reasonable price of $14.95. Made of clear silicone, the Icewear has a deeply textured no-slip surface and fully covers the dial, although not the switch on the back. It comes with covers for both the standard and lanyard caps. We like that both caps can attach to the main case with an included ball-and-link chain so that you'll never lose them.

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