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Trianium Atomic S Battery Case for iPhone 6/6S review: The best iPhone battery case for your money

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MSRP: $79.95
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The Good The inexpensive Trianium Atomic S Battery Case has a simple, unfussy design and charges your iPhone in a relatively short time.

The Bad The large opening in the back of the case is no deal breaker, but it does look jarring.

The Bottom Line Affordable and well designed, the Trianium Atomic S Battery Case is the top iPhone battery case for its price range.

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8.3 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 8
  • Performance 9

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With its built-in 3,100mAh battery and hard, matte exterior, Trianium's Atomic S Battery Case conveniently charges your iPhone 6 (or 6S) and shields it from everyday bumps and drops. Retailing for $79.95 (or about £60 and AU$105 converted), it falls right in the center of the price spectrum -- between Mophie's $120 Juice Pack Plus (or £110 and AU$170 converted) and Anker's $40 Ultra Slim Battery Case (or £30 and AU$55 converted).

However, though its price is middle-of-the-pack, its performance isn't. For instance, it took about 2 hours on average for the case to fully charge the iPhone. This is about the time you'd expect for a full charge. Mophie's Juice Pack Plus clocked in about 2 hours too, while the Incipio Offgrid Express (another $80 battery case) took notably longer at 2 hours and 35 minutes.

In addition, when you charge the phone, the case's indicator lights located on the back eventually blink off while charging (you can still tell it's juicing your phone though by the lightning bolt battery indicator on the handset's display). This is better-designed than Anker's case, which has lights that stay on the whole time while charging, which can be a nuisance in a dim room.

The accessory comes in two parts: the main battery exterior and a bumper that covers the edges of the handset and snaps into the case. Compared with Incipio's case, which had the same design structure, I had an easier time snapping on and securing this one.

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