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Toshiba Tablet AT1S0 review: Toshiba Tablet AT1S0

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The Good Mini HDMI, USB and microSD ports keep the 7-inch form factor useful. A decent amount of power in a smallish form factor.

The Bad Thick. Pointless, annoying rubber flap over ports. Proprietary cable only charges, doesn't carry data. Mini USB cable not included.

The Bottom Line Ultimately, the Tablet AT1S0 may end up in a few homes thanks to its extra ports — although it's certainly low on the lust-factor that's required for such a luxury category.

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7.0 Overall

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Unlike its predecessor, the AT100, the Honeycomb-based AT1S0 from Toshiba doesn't have full-sized ports, on account of being a smaller, 7-inch tablet. Instead, you get microSD, mini-USB and micro HDMI, all hidden under a vexingly long rubber flap.

There's a headphone jack at the top left, a power button, a volume locker and a button lock, and that's the sum of its physical parts — well, aside from one of the biggest power connectors we've seen in recent years. The rest of the magic hides behind the touchscreen.

It's quite a thick device — at 12mm and not very tapered, there's even some 10-inch tablets that are thinner. Its thickness leads you to want to hold it in portrait more than landscape, and while its 399g weight is low for the category, it feels like it could stand to lose even more weight before things become completely comfortable.

The screen retains the 1280x800 resolution of its bigger brother, meaning better pixel density. The screen quality is much better too, with the yellow cast we found on the AT100 gone and better viewing angles. The display is a little too cool, colour temperature-wise, but not enough to disturb most users.

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