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Toshiba Satellite T130 review: Toshiba Satellite T130

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The Good Long battery life; great keyboard.

The Bad Trackpad on our review sample was terrible; pretty slow.

The Bottom Line The configuration of the Toshiba Satellite T130 that we were supplied with, the T130-13M, is the tortoise of the laptop world. While its hare-like rivals zoom around willy-nilly, it takes a more considered approach. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, because it's one of very few laptops that'll still have enough battery power left to send that all-important email at the end of the day

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7.5 Overall

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Toshiba's laptops aren't usually the trendiest machines on the market, but, with the Satellite T130, the company could have a catwalk favourite on its hands. It's available in three colours -- red, for those who really want to make a statement; black, for traditionalists; and white, for anyone who likes to sit on the fence. Our white review sample went down a treat in the CNET UK offices, drawing oohs, aahs and occasional mmms, from passers-by. The T130 is available in a range of configurations. Here we review the £580 T130-13M.

Size matters
The T130 measures 323 by 22 by 223mm, so it's larger than a netbook, but smaller than typical desktop-replacement laptops. This, plus the fact it weighs a mere 1.8kg, makes it pretty much the perfect size for road warriors who don't want to compromise on usability and comfort.

The T130's 13-inch screen is comfortable to look at even for long periods, and its keyboard is fabulous. The keys have just the right amount of vertical travel, and a crisp, positive action. It's a shame, then, that the trackpad feels so bad. At best, it's jerky, but, at worst, it's so utterly unresponsive that it feels as if your actions aren't being tracked at all. There's a chance the fault is limited to our review sample, but it wouldn't hurt to carry a spare mouse with you on your travels.

You're feeling sleepy
One of the T130's cleverest features is 'USB sleep and charge'. As the name suggests, this allows you to charge your USB-powered devices even when the laptop is in standby/sleep mode, hibernation mode or a fully shut-down state, as long as they're connected to the USB port with the little lightning bolt logo next to it (that's the one on the left of the machine).

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