Toshiba's Satellite Click 10 is a lightweight 2-in-1 with a great battery (hands-on)

The Satellite Click 10 from Toshiba offers a portable, low-cost Windows 10 experience with some impressive battery power.

Nic Healey

Nic Healey

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30 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than a "traditional" laptop: That's what Toshiba is promising from its latest 2-in-1, the Satellite Click 10.

The 10.1-inch Windows 10 device isn't just cutting back on weight. Starting at $349 it's significantly cheaper than the $499 you'll pay for the similar Surface 3. And that's not including the Surface 3's keyboard cover, which will cost another $130. In Australia the price is AU$699, but that covers the 64GB model and in the UK it's £280 for the 32GB.

Storage Size32GB64GB

I went hands-on with the Click 10 and was impressed by how compact it is. With the keyboard detached, the tablet is 0.36 inches thick (9.1mm) and just 1.2 pounds (545g). In laptop mode, the Click 10 is still quite light. It's just 2.2 pounds or slightly under a kilogram, roughly the same weight as the Surface 3 with a Type Cover attached.

Dave Cheng/CNET

Luckily that hasn't come at the sacrifice of build quality. The 2-in-1 feels sturdy and well made, and the keyboard in particular is great to use. Less so the trackpad, simply because of the sizing on it, but that's probably more to do with the size of my hands than anything else.

The Click 10's design cues are broadly similar to many of its Satellite stablemates. The 10-1 inch touchscreen, with a 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution attaches to the keyboard with a single connector. The keyboard offers two more USB slots when in use, while the tablet has a microSD slot, Mini-HDMI and headphone jack.

The touchscreen is responsive and that slightly-higher-than-HD resolution really pays off on the smaller screen size, with everything looking crisp. The viewing angle is surprisingly wide and the screen is bright. Some convertible laptops can feel a little fiddly when it comes to detaching the tablet component, but the Click 10 is a smooth process.

Dave Cheng/CNET

Inside is a 64-bit Intel Atom X5 processor with 2GB of RAM and either 32GB or 64GB of storage. In the UK you only get 32GB, in Australia you only get 64GB and the US is allowed to actually choose. In any case, that MicroSD slot lets you add up to 128GB if you're willing to spend the cash.

An 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera round out the hardware offering. The Atom provided more than enough power for standard web-browsing or running the Office suite. You'll even be able to watch decent quality videos on it, but obviously you're not going to be playing high-end games or rendering 4K video -- that's not the point of the Click 10.

Designed specifically for the Windows 10 experience, Toshiba has packed in some handy features to enhance the OS. For Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, the Click 10 has multi-directional microphones, to help with voice recognition, as well as a dedicated Cortana button to summon the genie from her digital bottle. The mics work well with Skype too.

Dave Cheng/CNET

Both the keyboard and the tablet have batteries and, combined with the Atom processor, you get an excellent battery life, with Toshiba claiming 15 hours of use. My casual use definitely backs that up and I was pleased to see that the keyboard battery gets used before the tablet's.

In all I've found the Satellite Click 10 a very solid and dependable device that's ticked a lot of the right boxes, especially at the price. While I would have liked to see both storage size options available in all regions, overall this has the hallmarks of a good mid-range laptop.