Toshiba Regza DB (32DB833B) review: Toshiba Regza DB (32DB833B)

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The Good Integrated Blu-ray player; slim chassis; rich colours; good black levels.

The Bad No Freeview HD tuner; weak audio; no Internet features.

The Bottom Line Many people will appreciate the Toshiba Regza 32DB833B's integrated Blu-ray player, but this 32-inch LED TV's other features aren't all that impressive, and its lack of a Freeview HD tuner is disappointing.

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5.5 Overall

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Toshiba's 32-inch, 1080p Regza 32DB833B is one of the first LED TVs we've seen to come with an integrated Blu-ray player. It's an entry-level set, but the LED backlighting and the Blu-ray player add to the price, with the result that the TV will set you back around £520 online, which isn't all that cheap for a 32-inch model.

Hooray for Blu-ray

The TV is reasonably stylish, and almost identical to the Regza 42HL833B that we looked at recently. In fact, both models share the same chassis, with the difference being that this one has a Blu-ray drive fitted on the left-hand side, whereas that space on the 42HL833B is simply blocked off.

From the front, the TV looks handsome, thanks to its glossy black finish, cut-away corners and the aluminium strip that runs across the bottom. The plasticky stand feels rather flimsy, though, and the overall build quality of the set screams 'budget' rather than 'premium'.

One big annoyance that this TV shares with the 42HL833B is that it doesn't have an integrated Freeview HD tuner. Instead, the tuner only allows you to watch standard-definition Freeview channels. If you want hi-def services, you'll have to resort to using an external set-top box, which is pretty lame for a 2011 model.

Also, the TV's electronic programme guide isn't all that great. The presentation is very dull and it uses a vertical layout, rather than the more traditional, horizontal, bricks-in-the-wall approach. This can make it difficult to spot programme clashes across different channels. Nevertheless, the EPG is fairly speedy to navigate.

Presumably, Toshiba felt it could cut back on the number of ports on offer due to the presence of the integrated Blu-ray payer. We think Toshiba's cut back too far, however, as you're left with just two HDMI ports, when most 32-inch TVs now come with four sockets. Nevertheless, the HDMI ports are joined by a set of component inputs, as well as a single Scart socket.

The Freeview EPG uses a vertical layout, making it difficult to compare what's on different channels at the same time.

The TV also has two USB ports. The first is mounted on the main chassis and used for digital-media playback. The media-playback interface is very basic -- it's little more than a file browser -- but the format support is good. The set had no problem playing HD MKV files, along with Xvid and DviX videos.

The second USB port is attached to the Blu-ray player housing and can only be used for storing BD-Live downloaded content. The Blu-ray player also has an Ethernet socket. This is, again, only used for accessing BD-Live content. There's no support for media streaming via Internet TV services like BBC iPlayer.

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