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Aloysius Low/CNET

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Announced at the Microsoft keynote at Computex, Toshiba's latest 7-inch tablet sports a very familiar design. The 350g slate is basically the 7-inch Android Excite Go running Windows.

The Encore shares the same build, even down to the Toshiba logo on the bottom left corner of the tablet. Like the Android version, there's no Windows button, so you'll have to swipe from the right edge to activate Charms and hit the Windows button from there.

It's not an elegant solution, but it keeps things clean. Perhaps the final retail version will have the Windows button included.

Internally, the tablet runs off an Intel Atom processor, has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage. The 7-inch display has the bare minimum 1,024x600-pixel display, and from what I could tell, doesn't have very good viewing angles.

I don't really have high hopes for the Encore, based on the specs. While the bumpy rear texture gives the tablet a good grip, the plastic finish and low resolution display makes the Encore feel cheap.

Microsoft didn't reveal much more about the tablet, and Toshiba has been similarly tight-lipped, but given the budget-ish specs and the low price of its predecessor, the Encore could easily fall under the $200 mark (£118, AU$214).

June 6, 1 a.m. PT: Updated to link to the correct Android model.