LAS VEGAS -- Toshiba, like other companies this year, is putting 4K stars at the top of its Christmas trees, with HD televisions in danger of being relegated to mere baubles. Following the 4K L9400 and L8400 though, is the "premium 1080p" L7400. Its feature set is very similar to the L9400 but without 4K-specific features like CQ 4K upscaling.

The L7400 has picture-enhancing doo-dads such as the Super Bright panel and Quantum Black local dimming -- translation: better contrast -- and also purportedly supports a wider color gamut than traditional RGB.

In a bid to improve onboard sound, Toshiba has introduced a new folded speaker system into the L7400 which should produce more bass than most TV sets.

The L7400 includes the Smart TV Cloud Portal which includes a new Flip Bar and 3D animations.

The L7400 will be available in two sizes -- 47-inch and 55-inch -- with pricing to be announced.