Topfield TRF-2460 Masterpiece HD Plus review: Topfield TRF-2460 Masterpiece HD Plus

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The Good Wireless networking adapter included. Generally easy to use. Plenty of space. Ice TV functionality is handy, but costs extra after trial period.

The Bad Too many similar-looking buttons on remote. DivX/MKV playback features need work. TRF-7170 better priced, almost identically specified.

The Bottom Line The TRF-2460 does what it's set out to do well and the Ice TV feature is handy, but the almost identically specified TRF-7170 undercuts it on price by a handy margin.

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6.0 Overall

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Design and features

The Topfield TRF-2460 Masterpiece HD Plus is distinguished more by its long-winded and slightly pompous name than its design, which consists of an inoffensive black box with a set of basic controls on the front of the unit, as well as an LCD readout. Next to that, there's a flip-up panel housing two USB ports.

Out the back you'll find an array of inputs and outputs accompanying the antenna in and out jacks. On the input ledger there's a port each for eSATA, USB and Ethernet connections. Outbound there's composite, component, digital audio, coaxial and HDMI ports.

If you've used an older Topfield PVR or set-top box and were left underwhelmed by the interface, the TRF-2460, like the TRF-7170 we reviewed recently, sports a more modern iteration that's recognisably Topfield, but substantially better.

Unlike the TRF-7170, which uses the same Topfield remote since time immemorial, the 2460 is paired with a chunkier, more distinctive unit that features a white underside and silver-painted rubber buttons. It looks a whole lot nicer than the usual home theatre black candy bar, but on the bottom third of the device is an array of too similar-looking buttons that's impossible to use without glancing down and away from the television.

Watching and recording television

The main menu is split up into Recording, Entertainment, Settings, Installation and Information. In Recording you'll, naturally, find everything that you've recorded, as well as a link to the electronic program guide (EPG) and anything that you've programmed.

Blessed with two tuners, the 2460 is able to record two networks at once. Indeed, it's able to record up to four separate streams at once while you watch a fifth. So, for example, you can record 7Two, 7mate, GEM and Nine simultaneously, while watching Seven or Go live.

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