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Tivoli Model DAB review: Tivoli Model DAB

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The Good Tactile controls; sensitive tuner; classic looks.

The Bad Expensive; no remote control.

The Bottom Line By focusing on a radio's core features, Tivoli has, in the Model DAB, produced a device that sounds great and is a joy to use. It's effortlessly stylish, and the buttons, switches and dials are a tactile delight. It isn't cheap, but this is a quality radio that could well outlast your local station's licence

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8.8 Overall

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You can get a huge amount of features in a £220 digital radio. Alternatively, you can pick quality over quantity, and spend your money on the Tivoli Model DAB. It has a digital, FM and AM tuner, just one speaker, and a low-tech, scrolling display, but its build quality and bright, detailed output are enough to convince us that the price is easily justified.

Classic design
In terms of design, there's little to fault in this radio. The classic, wooden case looks great in any room, and its sharp corners and unfussy, flat edges won't go out of date. The large FM/AM dial that dominates the front is beautifully geared at a 5:1 ratio, so it tunes more accurately than a standard dial. An amber tuning light glows brighter as you close in on a stronger signal, giving us the feeling of tuning into wartime broadcasts. The waveband selector clicks into place wonderfully.

Only one control lets the Model DAB down, and that's the alarm switch on the top. This loose and rattling button feels like an afterthought. At £220, this is too expensive and too good a radio to hide in the bedroom, so we can't help but feel that Tivoli would have done better to forget the alarm altogether.

The DAB controls aren't knobs or switches -- they're in the form of a bank of buttons ranged around the two-line screen. Chief among these buttons are five direct-access presets that let you skip straight to your favourite stations, without having to scroll through a list. If this all sounds rather low-tech, it is, but that's a large part of the charm. The Model DAB is timeless, and won't date like a faux retro reproduction.

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