The unit also boasts time-shifting ability, allowing users to play, pause, fast-forward and rewind through a programme that is currently being recorded, provided you are behind the real-time point of broadcast. In regards to connectivity, it has an RF input and output, two SCART sockets (TV and VCR), two RCA audio outputs, digital SPDIF audio out, and CVBS video output. Thompson has also built in a degree of future-proofing by allowing users to update the DTR6000AU's firmware via a serial cable and downloads available from thisWeb site.

The limitations of SDTV apply to this set top box / hard disk video recorder (i.e. a maximum resolution of 576 interlaced horizontal lines apposed to 1080 lines available on HDTV). Also, the addition of a 40GB HDD to record video bumps the price up to AU$734, whereas you can pick up a standalone SD STB for around the AU$200 mark.

This digital video recorder from Thompson should satisfy the majority of television aficionados out there who want to get the most out of their existing home entertainment set up without forking the big bucks necessary for HD.