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The Good Variety of play modes. Game sharing and online gaming. Innovative use of dual screens.

The Bad Quirky game play features. Minimal customisation options. Nintendo nostalgia overkill.

The Bottom Line This classic '80s title has been resurrected for the DS with distinct Nintendo flavours.

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Another classic '80s gaming experience has evolved for the DS, featuring new elements unique to the console and saturating the senses with all things Nintendo.

It's hard to imagine there's anyone out there who has never played Tetris, but if there is -- or if you had a sibling who hogged the controller or Game Boy -- the concept is pretty simple: rotate different formations of falling blocks to form lines which are then cleared from the screen.

Interactivity has been incorporated into the DS version in a big way. The DS' wireless capabilities allow up to 10 gamers to play using a single game card, as long as they're within a distance of 10 metres (the average length for a wireless device). Those wanting to utilise networked play from a further distance can log onto the online Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection which permits two or four player battles. While a maximum of four players is a bit disappointing, the letdown is compounded by disallowing a 3-player tournament. For those who don't know any other DS-ers or just wish to roll solo, Nintendo has also incorporated versatility for the single player.

Tetris DS brings the popular puzzle game onto the dual screen with six themed modes of play based on classics like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong. To its credit, instead of trying to capture the essence of old, Tetriminos has been revamped and restyled. Besides being wrapped in a different Nintendo brand, each mode changes the tactics of the game in its own way.

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