Telstra F852 review: Telstra F852

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The Good Smart looking design. Next G data speeds. Affordable price tag.

The Bad Display has poor viewing angle. Poor internal speaker. Keypad has cheap toy-like feel.

The Bottom Line Don't expect the world from the F852. This isn't the best Next G phone available, but it looks good and the price is right.

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5.8 Overall

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Close your eyes, we want you to imagine a phone. Actually, keep them open, you need to read on. Now imagine a Next G flip phone released by Telstra a few months back called the EasyTouch.

If you're familiar with the Telstra EasyTouch then you are, in fact, also familiar with the F852. Beyond a change to the colour scheme — from silver to black — and the addition of three external music control buttons to the F852, these phones are almost identical. If you compare the physical dimensions for both phones you'll notice that each of these measurements differs by a single millimetre.

Under the F852's flip we find exactly the same components found in the EasyTouch; the same two-inch QVGA TFT colour display and the same recessed plastic keypad. Below the screen is a 0.3-megapixel camera for video-calling, with a 2-megapixel camera on the outside for standard pics.

The recessed keypad lays flat against the bottom half of the handset, with thin raised plastic strips to differentiate the location of the various buttons. The keypad is well spaced and easy to use, but the plastic components help to give the entire handset a cheap, toy-like feel.

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