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Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800 review: Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German

Tekkeon's products run the full gamut of cell phone accessories, from Bluetooth headsets to iPhone cases to emergency chargers. Its latest product in the latter category is the Tekkeon TekCharger MP1800. Like the " cell-phone-and-smart="" tekkeon-mypower-go-mp1500="" 4505-6448_7-32330350.html"="">Tekkeon myPower Go MP1500, it efficiently provides emergency power when your phone is about to die, and it comes with a selection of adapters for various manufacturers. Yet we were miffed that Tekkeon doesn't include a wall plug with the MP1800. Instead, you must charge its battery using a computer or by finding a compatible plug. Though that's exactly what Tekkeon intended, we think it's not easy to use. The MP1800 sells for a reasonable $44.95.


Tekkeon TekCharge MP1800

The Good

The Tekkeon TekCharger MP1800 has a simple design and an affordable price. What's more, it does exactly what it's supposed to do.

The Bad

The Tekkeon TekCharger MP1800 doesn't come with a wall plug for charging its battery.

The Bottom Line

The Tekkeon TekCharger MP1800 accomplishes its job and does it well. We just wish an important part wasn't missing.

The MP1800's design couldn't be simpler. Its main component is the battery used for powering your phone. At 3.3 inches by 2.1 inches by 1.1 inches and weighing 4.5 ounces, it takes up little room in a bag and it won't weigh you down. You get a convenient tote case in the box and though Tekkeon included a lanyard, we can't imagine anyone would want to wear the MP1800 around his or her neck. The battery is covered in black plastic with gray caps at either end. Raised ridges on either spine of the battery make it easy to grasp. Along the top edge are a power switch and a tiny LED. A small flashlight sits at one end of the battery, and USB and mini USB ports for the charging cable sit on the other end.

Like the Planon Universal Mobile Charger, the MP1800 must be charged before it can deliver power to your phone. While that may sound like an inefficient arrangement, it works quite well. Once powered up it can hold its charge for whenever you'll need it, which sure beats waiting for a sunny day.

According to Tekkeon, the MP1800's charging process should take 8 hours, but we were able to power our battery in about 6 hours. That brings us to our biggest complaint about the 1800. Though it comes with a cable, it doesn't offer any kind of wall plug. That means you must connect it to a USB port on your computer or you must use a wall plug with a USB port. Tekkeon's MyCharger has such a wall plug, but that requires you to shell out an additional $24.95. That's just not right.

Once you're set up, the process is very easy. Just connect the charging cable and wait for the LED to shine green. Then, you can connect the battery to your spent phone using the appropriate adapter. Tekkeon includes adapters for several different types of handsets including Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Samsung. Not every model from each manufacturer will be compatible, so be sure to check if yours will work before you but the MP1800. It also will work with an iPhone but you'll have to use your iPhone power cable and wall plug.

We tested the MP1800 with a completely dead Nokia 5300. Once we connected the battery to the phone, the charging process started immediately. The charging cable extends up to 2 feet, so you should have enough room to set everything up. After an hour and a half, we showed a full battery on the Nokia. Tekkeon doesn't make any promises as to how long the MP1800's battery will last; it only says that in combination with a fully charged phone it can deliver up to 17 hours of talk time for a mobile phone. Also, you can charge your phone and the MP1800's battery at the same time.