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Technika 22-228 review: Technika 22-228

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The Good USB digital-media playback;. Integrated DVD player;. Low price tag.

The Bad Backlight bleed;. Washed-out black levels.

The Bottom Line The 22-inch Technika 22-228 offers good value for money with a pleasing design and decent digital-media playback. Unfortunately, the picture isn't as refined as that of a big-brand set.

7.5 Overall

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Tesco is so dominant in the UK that one in every eight pounds spent on the British high street is spent in the company's stores. Of course, one of the reasons it has been so successful is its aggressive price cutting. With its in-house Technika brand, Tesco has brought that same 'no holds barred' approach to its TV range. The 22-inch Technika 22-228 set is a good example. It includes both a DVD player and USB digital-media playback, yet is priced at a very reasonable £170. You can buy it either in store, via the catalogue or from the Tesco Direct website.

Plastic looks fantastic 

The bods at Technika obviously had Samsung's current range of tellies in mind when they were designing this model. It looks very similar, thanks to the sweeping curve at the bottom and the way the glossy black fascia blends into a transparent lip on the outer edge. On the whole, it's a good-looking design, but the build quality does feel a little plasticky, especially at the base of the stand. Nevertheless, the set's slim remote control has a good layout and the buttons are pleasingly responsive.

A 22-inch TV such as this is more likely to be used as a second set in a kitchen or bedroom, so it doesn't need the extensive line-up of sockets you'd find on 32-inch and larger sets. While it's a little disappointing to find this model only has a single HDMI port, the other range of connections are reasonably decent -- it has a Scart socket, VGA port, component connectors and a composite socket on the left-hand side. There's also a coaxial digital-audio output so you can run the sound from the Freeview tuner or DVD player to an external amp.

The electronic programme guides (EPGs) on cheaper TVs tend to be quite sluggish to use, but thankfully that's not the case here. The EPG has a vertical layout with channels listed on the left and a full day's programming shown on the right. This is similar to some of Toshiba's budget models, but it works much better here. You can view the programming data for different channels without the set continually switching between channels as you move around the EPG. As a result, it's much faster to use.

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