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TCL unveils 'record-breaking' 110-inch 4K TV

Chinese company TCL has announced its 110-inch 4K UHD Curved TV, which features glasses-free 3D and "infinite black."

LAS VEGAS -- Not content to let Samsung hog the the gaudy limelight, Chinese company TCL has delivered its own take on the massive statement piece with its 110-inch 4K UHD Curved TV.

TCL says its 110-inch diagonal screen is a record breaker -- it claims the TV was verified by none other than Guinness World Records in December as larger than Samsung's 110-incher . Official status notwithstanding, the TCL also comes with some nifty features. Not including the 4K resolution itself, perhaps of most interest to rubberneckers is the promise of a glasses-free 3D experience: something the industry has yet to deliver convincingly or in a timely fashion.

In addition the television includes a dynamic LED backlight with a scorchingly high 800 nits (233 fL) maximum brightness rating in combination with a claimed "infinite black" without reflections.

Availability and pricing of the 110-inch 4K UHD Curved TV are as yet unknown.

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