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Double your MacBook's storage, no tools required

The tiny TarDisk Pear slips into your computer's SD card slot to add extra storage in just a few steps.

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Sarah Mitroff
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Running out of storage on your MacBook? There's no need to crack open your computer and swap out the hard drive inside. Instead, slip the tiny TarDisk Pear, available now, into your computer's SD card slot to quickly add more storage, up to 256GB.

The Pear works by creating a single managed logical storage volume on your computer. That just means that it provides extra space and allows the OS X software to decide where to store your files -- either on your computer's drive or on the Pear. As you use your computer, files you access most often will stay on your computer, while others will get offloaded to Pear.

The device ultimately gives you much more storage, so you don't have to delete files or offload them to an external hard drive.

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Pear is easy to install -- just slide it in and follow the on-screen prompts. Version 2.0, which I saw at CES 2016, has even few steps to install than the first version, making it essentially foolproof.

Extra info

  • Available for the MacBook Pro, Pro Retina and Air
  • 128GB version costs $149 (AU$210, £100)
  • 256GB model is $399 (AU$570, £275)
  • Available now from TarDisk's website
  • Solid aluminum uni-body frame
  • Uses high-density 16GB (128-gigabit) multi-level cell NAND flash dies