Super Stickman Golf 2 review: This 2D arcade golf sequel is still impressive

Beyond the many themed courses that keep the game interesting, you also have some extra arcade elements to add some flavor. As you play, you'll unlock unique balls like the Sticky Ball, for example, that sticks to surfaces after you hit the ball -- great for courses where there are shafts you need to climb to get to the green. Later levels also include moving obstacles you'll need to shoot around as well as sticky surfaces you'll want to hit in order to get the best angle on the green.

Super Stickman Golf 2 comes with some multiplayer options, with a turn-based game you can play locally or over the Internet, and a mode that pits from two to four players against each other trying to race to the hole at the end of a level. I tried the race mode with a coworker and it was surprisingly fun rushing to get to the end of each hole first. For the turn-based mode I tried playing against a random opponent over Game Center and it was fun, but you never know how long you'll wait for the other player to take his shot. Still, having some multiplayer options adds to the experience.

My only issue with the game can be said about a lot of games these days -- Super Stickman Golf 2 has in app purchases where you can buy more "Bux" to increase your player level. Higher levels let you unlock new players, hats, and power-ups. You can unlock them all on your own without the need to spend more money, but I'm guessing there will be some young or impulsive players who will splurge on the items anyway. I know IAP is in a lot of games now, but I just wonder whether this fun arcade golf game really needs it.

Nevertheless, with over 180 holes to play across several themed courses, unique obstacles, arcade elements, and local and online multiplayer, Super Stick Man Golf 2 has plenty to offer any arcade golf fan.

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