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Stickman Base Jumper (iOS) review: Stickman Base Jumper (iOS)

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The Good Stickman Base Jumper for iOS has great physics, easy controls, and plenty of challenge as you try stick the perfect jump off of a skyscraper.

The Bad The perfect timing required for success means that once you master a level, there's little reason to do it again.

The Bottom Line If you're not afraid to repeat levels to get them just right, download this physics-based game that is both fun and extremely challenging.


7.8 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 7
  • Interface 7
  • Performance 9

Stickman Base Jumper for iOS is a physics-based game that requires perfect timing as you jump from the top of high skyscrapers to deploy your parachute just before hitting a target. The controls for the game are dead simple, requiring only that you touch the screen to perform each part of the jump process. The graphics are simple too (like in other stickman games), but the challenges in the game are anything but.

The procedure is the same for every jump, but it's your timing for each step that will make all the difference. Your little stickman starts at the edge of the jump zone, but you'll need to walk back to get sufficient run-up room for each particular jump. Every jump sequence has four steps. First, you touch to begin walking away from the edge, then touch again to select your run-up distance (where your stickman will start running toward the edge), then touch again to jump off the edge, then later, touch a final time to deploy your parachute. Your landing zone is marked off with a flag between two markers, and the closer you are to the flag the more stars you will receive for the jump. If you land outside the markers, you will fail the jump. On each jump, as in many games, you can earn a maximum of three stars, and you'll need a majority of stars for each set of levels in order to unlock the next difficulty level.

Stickman Base Jumper comes with four sets of 10 levels, for a total of 40 that get more challenging the further you go. As you progress, you'll make jumps in the dark of night and you'll need to account for other factors like wind speed and buildings that might be in your way. Some levels will require several jumps to master just the right distance for your run-up, while in others you'll need to time your parchute deployment just right to hit the target. But most levels are thrilling because your jumper can pick up an amazing amount of speed, making your timing crucial to successfully landing in the time allotted.

The game has some extras to keep it interesting. Integrated video recording lets you record a jump and send the video to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can challenge yourself to unlock the game's many achievements. There are also Game Center leader boards where you can compare your jumps with other players or directly with your friends.

Like many Stickman games, Stickman Base Jumper keeps the graphical details simple while making the gameplay the primary focus. After only a few jumps I was hooked, and I think anyone who likes physics-based games that require perfect timing will like it too.

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