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Sphero 2B is a rough-and-tumble robot sequel

Hands-on with the Sphero 2B phone-controlled robot, which features customisable tyres.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway

LAS VEGAS -- In the video above, we go hands-on with the Sphero 2B -- a quirky phone-controlled robot. Hit play now to check it out.

2B or not 2B

The 2B is the sequel to the Sphero -- a basic remote-control sphere that hurls itself around your floor. The follow-up adds bulky customisable wheels, and communicates with your smartphone via an iOS or Android app, plus the power of Bluetooth 4.0.

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If you get two 2Bs together, maker Orbotix says you'll be able to make them fight -- shooting virtual lasers from the glowing logo on the front. Orbotix says to expect the 2B to be on shop shelves this holiday season, priced at $99.

Would you be happy to see the 2B rolling around your living-room floor? Let me know in the comments.