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Speck ToughSkin for the iPod

The Speck ToughSkin is built rough and intended for ultrarugged situations that call for its impenetrable rubber exterior.

Speck Toughskin

If we could only say one thing about Speck's ToughSkin, it's that the case definitely lives up to its name. You squeeze your iPod in through a deceptively small slot on the top of this stretchy sheath, which is made out of thick rubber and features several grooved "bumpers" on the corners and down the sides. There's also a removable hard-plastic screen protector, a flip-down Click Wheel shield, and a detachable belt clip that connects to a hard-plastic plate hidden beneath the outer rubber layer in the back. The one downside to all this durability is that it completely takes away from the iPod's sleek and slender aesthetic, turning it instead into a hefty mass of a player. But this won't likely faze those who embrace rugged styles. The ToughSkin comes in several colors--including Frosted Clear, orange, black, red, and blue--and works with a variety of iPods, depending on the size you buy. At $34.95, it's a bit pricier than most other cases, but the extra protection is probably worth it.

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