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Soundmatters FoxL v2 (black) review: Soundmatters FoxL v2 (black)

Pairing two Bluetooth devices together is usually a headache, but we had a completely painless experience with the FoxL v2. It goes into discovery mode right when you turn it on, and from there it's just a matter of locating the speaker using your audio player of choice. In less than five minutes, we were streaming audio from an Apple iPhone 3G, but you can use it with any device that supports the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) protocol. There's also a microphone button on the front that pauses your music and lets you answer or reject calls on the speakerphone without interrupting playback.

We listened to the Soundmatters FoxL speaker for a solid two weeks before writing this review and we're still impressed by the sound quality, especially considering its portable footprint. The FoxL also gives off a surprisingly thumping bass response thanks to a unique BassBattery design that wraps the battery in rubber for more low-end vibration, which you can actually feel on the surface you put the speaker on. The sound stage is nothing to balk at, either: the Twoofers remain clear with little noticeable distortion even playing bass-heavy tunes at high volumes.

We used Michael Jackson's "Off the Wall" album as a reference recording, because of its impeccable engineering, and every song from "Girlfriend" to "Rock With You" showcases the FoxL's audiophile endorsement, generating a wide, dynamic range and palpable spatial imaging. Taking into consideration the FoxL v2's small stature, we're hard pressed to find another small speaker that offers fidelity on par with the Soundmatters FoxL v2 pocket speaker.

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