Soundmatters FoxL v2 (black) review: Soundmatters FoxL v2 (black)

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MSRP: $200.00

The Good Redesigned internal architecture improves Bluetooth audio quality compared with the first model; tough outer casing can take a beating; proprietary BassBattery delivers impressive low-end response; pairs easily with A2DP Bluetooth audio players.

The Bad Pricey.

The Bottom Line The Soundmatters FoxL v2 Bluetooth portable speaker offers excellent sound in a compact candy-bar design and has the added benefit of phone conferencing using the built-in speakerphone. Despite its lofty price tag, the FoxL v2 is a simple, worthwhile device that lets you ditch wires and bring your music anywhere.

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8.3 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 8
  • Performance 9

When we reviewed the first edition of the Soundmatters FoxL Personal Audiophile Loudspeaker (Bluetooth) last year, its small footprint and large soundstage over a wired connection blew us away. We preferred the Bluetooth-free model, since the wireless audio quality tended to suffer from aural degradation. A little more than a year later, Soundmatters has a new version of the Bluetooth portable speaker that not only improves on the wireless audio quality, but also extends the wireless range and includes a built-in speakerphone for portable teleconferencing. At $200 for the Bluetooth model, the FoxL v2 is certainly one of the more expensive portable speakers we've tested, but the fidelity and build quality make it a worthwhile purchase for serious audiophiles on the run.

The FoxL v2 is the exact same size as its predecessor and measures 5.6 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 1.3 inches deep--roughly the same size as a king-size Snickers candy bar. The speaker isn't the lightest kid on the block at 9.5-ounces, but the heft is necessary to prevent the device from "walking," a kinetic phenomenon caused by the power of its rear-firing bass radiator. This solid construction quality also doubles as protection against dings and drops in transit and the included cloth carrying pouch fends away light scratches.

It's easy to mistake the v2 for the original model, since they look very similar except for a small "2" in the bottom right corner. The front of the speaker houses two proprietary 25mm dome speakers that Soundmatters calls the "Twoofer," because of its capability to produce both high and low frequencies while saving space. And although you can't physically see them, the v2 also uses four digital amplifiers that provide up to 97 decibels of aural power. The back of the bar has an on/off switch in the left corner, and two buttons on the right control the volume. You also get a kickstand that lets you position the speaker at an angle, and two rubber feet on the bottom support the unit during playback. Other convenient features include a Mini-USB port for battery charging, a 3.5mm line-in port, a power input jack for the five hour lithium ion rechargeable battery, and an LED status light that blinks to indicate power and Bluetooth pairing status.

You can pair the FoxL to a music player over Bluetooth or using a hardwired 3.5mm cable, but take note that the output wattage increases when the unit is connected to the AC adapter. It's not a big deal, but don't be surprised if you experience a slight decrease in volume when it's unplugged.