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SoundID 200 Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Cobalt Blue) review: SoundID 200 Wireless Bluetooth Headset (Cobalt Blue)

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The Good The Sound ID 200 is a sleek headset with excellent call quality with noise cancellation and a really comfortable fit.

The Bad The Sound ID 200 has very small keys and we would prefer two volume buttons instead of one.

The Bottom Line The Sound ID 200 Bluetooth headset has great audio quality and even better ear comfort.

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7.7 Overall

Sound ID has impressed us in the past with its Bluetooth headsets, such as the Sound ID SM100 and the older SoundFlavors Bluetooth headset. Both impressed us with their great call quality, but even more so with their comfortable ear fit. This is fitting, since Sound ID was founded by an ear doctor from Stanford University. However, as advanced as the SM100 and the SoundFlavors were, they did seem a little expensive. The Sound ID 200, however, is a lot cheaper at $99.99, with much of the same performance as its predecessors.

The Sound ID headsets aren't always known for their aesthetic, but the 200 is a little different, with a slim minimalist appearance that's quite attractive. Measuring 2.1 inches long by 0.6 inch wide by 0.3 inch thick, the Sound ID 200 has a sleek metallic blue covering with only a lone LED dot on the front.

The multifunction call button is on the top, and the volume key is on the left side. Both buttons are very skinny and small, though they are raised above the surface so we could still find them easily. We didn't like that there was only volume button though; this meant we had to toggle through different volume levels to get to the right one. According to Sound ID, you wont need to use the volume key all that much because of the automatic volume adjustment on the headset, but we still would prefer manual adjustment with two volume keys.

On the back of the headset is a rubbery earpiece Sound ID calls their Real Comfort Ear Loop. It's tapered to a narrow point, like a spout, and there's a rubber ear loop that's attached to it for a more secure fit around the folds of the ear. It comes with three different ear loop sizes for a more customized fit. We tried it out, and we have to say it ranks as one of the more comfortable headsets we've tried. There's an over-the-ear hook for additional stability, and the earpiece can be swiveled either to the left or right to fit either ear.

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