Soundfreaq rolls out three new Bluetooth speakers, including the svelte Pocket Kick

Soundfreaq is showing its updated line of Bluetooth speakers at CES 2014, including the ultraportable 1.2-inch thick Pocket Kick.

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LAS VEGAS -- Everyone claims their Bluetooth speaker sounds better than the rest, but Soundfreaq actually has had some proven success in the past, with affordable models offering solid performance.

Soundfreaq is showing off its refreshed line of Bluetooth speakers at CES 2014, including the new ultraportable Pocket Kick, an updated version of the Sound Rise alarm clock, and the stylish Double Spot.

Soundfreaq's stylish Bluetooth speakers at CES 2014

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Soundfreaq Pocket Kick
Soundfreaq Pocket Kick John Falcone/CNET

The Pocket Kick is just 1.2 inches thick, sporting two 2.5-watt drivers in its compact cabinet. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 with a rechargeable battery that's quoted to last 10 hours. Charging is handled via a Micro-USB port, plus there's also a minijack input for making an analog connection. The Pocket Kick is set to come out in the spring for $99.

Soundfreaq Sound Rise
Soundfreaq Sound Rise John Falcone/CNET

Soundfreaq is also showing an updated version of the Sound Rise alarm clock. Like the Pocket Kick, it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has a minijack input. There's no battery, as it's supposed to live on your nightstand, and it has other alarm-centric features like dual alarm and adjustable screen brightness. The Sound Rise is scheduled to be released in April for $69.

Soundfreaq Double Spot
Soundfreaq Double Spot John Falcone/CNET

The Double Spot is a revised version of last year's Sound Spot, sporting a textured front panel that's more decor-friendly than your typical black plastic Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported, and it's being sold this summer for $119 without a battery or $149 with a battery. You can also add a battery on your own at a later time for $39.