Sony VAIO VA TV-PC - First Take

Sony's all-in-one VAIO VA TV-PC series features a fantastic wide-screen display supported by surprisingly rich audio output, but we question some of the design choices.

Sony VAIO VA TV-PC series

Sony's all-in-one VAIO VA TV-PC series comprises two models: the $2,200 VA11G and the $2,000 VA10G. Both feature 20-inch wide-screen displays, a TV tuner, a double-layer DVD burner, and Microsoft's Media Center OS. We reviewed the VA11G; the VA10G is nearly identical but offers a slightly slower processor and a smaller hard drive. Both models feature 64-bit-capable Intel Pentium 4 600-series processors, 1GB of DDR memory, and ATI Mobility Radeon X700 graphics. Compared with all-in-one PCs such as the Apple iMac, the VAIO VA TV-PC series is quite bulky, partly because of the subwoofer integrated into its base. While it's not the most space-saving PC we've seen, it does offer surprisingly rich audio output. Read our review of the VA11G for more details.