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Sony VAIO Fit 13 review: Sony VAIO Fit 13

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The Good Very attractive design. Great display.

The Bad Lack of discrete GPU. Some concerns over hinge design.

The Bottom Line Aimed at those with discerning tastes, this pricey hybrid is as mobile as it is sexy.

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7.0 Overall

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Sony's latest hybrid is taking aim at one of the most competitive segments in the laptop world — ultraportable Ultrabooks that can convert into tablets. Looking like a million dollars, it's surprisingly affordable for a Sony laptop, especially considering some of the features found within.

Design and features

One of our favourite things about the Fit 13 is the wonderful display, which delivers beautiful, vibrant colours, no surprise given Sony's TV heritage. The display is a 13.3 inch touchscreen, and Sony hasn't compromised on the resolution, sticking with the bare minimum to make it truly HD at 1920 x 1080. If only it hadn't been saddled with a glossy finish that is highly reflective in daylight, it'd be one of our favourite laptop displays.

Thanks to a rather complex hinge mechanism, the display can be unlocked and then slid down over the keyboard, turning it into a tablet without leaving the keyboard exposed. While it feels reassuringly rugged in tablet mode, the hinge's intricacy could become a weak point over time. It also doesn't sit flat in tablet mode, with the hinge lying between the screen and the base, making it much taller than competing hybrids like the ThinkPad Yoga.

Sony has used beautiful brushed aluminium for the rear of the display and keyboard, leaving the single plastic surface under the base, away from prying eyes. It's a very attractive design, showing that Sony is still one of the companies to beat when it comes to pretty gadgets. Both the keyboard and touchpad are very well designed, with the backlit keyboard in particular surprisingly easy to use given its smaller size.

Connections, performance and battery

Given the very low weight of just 1.31kg, it's not surprising to see relatively limited hardware inside the Fit 13. Intel's Core i5-4200U, the darling of the laptop world, handles all CPU duties, while 4GB of DDR3-1600MHz provides short term memory. A 128GB SSD handles the long term memory, and that's about it. Intel's integrated HD Graphics 4400 are used instead of a discrete GPU, and there's no sign of a secondary hard drive at this price.

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