Sony TRiK RDH-SK8iP review: Sony TRiK RDH-SK8iP

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The TRiK comes with four skins that all sit comfortably behind the plastic shield that holds them in place. Switching them over is quite simple. A quick twist of the holding bracket around the right speaker, then the same to the left speaker and the front cover comes off — but not either speaker, thankfully. You can then switch out the skins to taste.

The option to download additional skins or design your own is a neat one, but the size of the TRiK means a standard printer won't cut it if you want your skin in one piece. You could always print across multiple sheets and stick them together, but unless you were very precise, or used vertical lines within your design, there will be a split point somewhere.

Audio quality from the TRiK was good. The size of the unit might preclude A4 printing (logistically, you'd need an A1 printer), but it allows good separation of the speakers which improve matters over most smaller iPod/iPhone docks. It's shielded for iPhone use, but incoming calls will simply ring; you can't use it to actually answer calls if you want to hear the party on the other end of the line. We also found in our testing that the remote control wouldn't always make our test iPhone 3GS respond as we'd like, especially from any kind of distance.


The AU$299 price point for the TRiK is something of a sticking point. At that kind of price, your choices for quality iPod/iPhone sound expand considerably. The real selling point of the TRiK then rests on how much you like the trick of being able to change the design skins on a whim.