Sony TRiK RDH-SK8iP review: Sony TRiK RDH-SK8iP

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The Good Choice of skins, or print your own. Fair audio quality.

The Bad Remote control could be more responsive. Printed skins will require a huge printer or sticky tape aplenty.

The Bottom Line Sony's tricked-out speaker dock lets you set the fashion tone. It's also a decent — but not great — speaker dock.

Visit for details.

8.3 Overall

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In the nine years since Apple launched the first iPod, we've seen all kinds of iPod docks. Big iPod docks. Small iPod docks. Even iPod docks shaped like the Hindenburg. It's nowhere near enough in the competitive iPod speaker dock market to simply exist and sound reasonable. You've got to have some kind of visual gimmick.

Sony's latest iPod speaker dock, the RDH-SK8iP, or to give it its less formal name the TRiK, comes with not one but four visual gimmicks. They come in the form of interchangeable graphic skins that sit underneath the protective plastic plate behind the iPod/iPhone speaker dock. The theory is that you can switch between the four provided skins, labelled as Hip Hop, Street, Chic or Urban Logic as your needs and tastes demand.

Sony has a download channel for new designs on DeviantArt and provides the blank templates in PSD or PDF format so you can design and print your own.


Beyond the skins trick, the TRiK is a 75W RMS iPod/iPhone speaker dock with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The TRiK measures in at a hefty 605x190x165mm and weighs 6.3kg, so it's not an entirely portable experience. The TRiK's remote control is similar to many other iPod dock remotes in that it's a credit-card-sized unit that's eminently easy to misplace.

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