Sony STR-DG910

We preview Sony's entry-level AV receiver, the STR-DG910, which offers 1080p compatibility, onscreen set up, and features Sony's Digital Media Port.

CNET Reviews staff

Quick take: At its 2007 show, Sony rolled out a new line of entry-level AV receivers with HDMI connectivity. Unfortunately the press release didn't announce many of the details we're interested in--such as the number of HDMI inputs or video upconversion specifics--but we were able to get a broad outline of what the new line will look like. The four new receivers are the STR-DG510, STR-DG710, STR-DG810, and STR-DG910.

The STR-DG910 is the step-up model to the STR-DG810. It includes all of the functionality of the STR-DG810, but adds onscreen setup. Also note that the STR-DG910 is a 7.1 receiver, while the other three are only 6.1. The STR-DG910 will be available in April for about $500.