Sarah Tew/CNET

Portable wireless projection seems like something out of the near future, and that's exactly when Sony will bring this slick little projector to the United States.

First shown at the IFA show in 2015, the LSPX-P1 will be available stateside sometime this summer, Sony said at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Pricing was not announced, nor was anything said about availability internationally.

Sony's little white box defies the notions of conventional projectors, which are typically big, require a big screen, and need to be plugged in. The LSPX-P1 is small enough to hold in one hand, can be severed from both power and input connections to operate completely wirelessly, and can project an image from 20 to 80 inches onto just about any flat surface.

The unit has a battery Sony says lasts long enough for a full-length movie. It ships with a separate module that has an HDMI connection, into which you can plug a source device like a PC, a streaming box or a Blu-ray player. The module communicates with the projector via Wi-Fi over your home network, so you can take it anywhere within range and enjoy the projected images.

Its UXGA resolution (1,600x1,200) should be plenty to avoid the screen-door effect of visible pixels, especially at the smaller sizes this projector will likely be used for. Since it's ultrashort-throw, you can place it right next to the projection surface, which can be a white wall or even a piece of paper on a desk. A smartphone app can be used to control and device and even queue up videos. And yes, it also has a built-in speaker.