Sony NW-S705F (2GB) review: Sony NW-S705F (2GB)

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The Good Noise-cancelling functionality. Elegant design. Fast charging. Solid battery life.

The Bad Bulky earphones. Display cannot be reoriented. Requires SonicStage for music transfers.

The Bottom Line Solid in all aspects, Sony has churned out a winner in the form of this feature-packed noise-cancelling player.

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7.8 Overall

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Sony is beginning to stamp its authority on flash-based MP3 players with this very classy offering. Along with design, what makes this unit so special is its built-in noise-cancelling technology. The design of the hardware and user interface are hard to fault, save for the inability to rotate the display to your comfort. The Walkman is extremely customisable, boasting lots of features and a superb battery life.

Sony's new Walkman effort is sheer elegance. The unit's shiny and reflective veneer is well complemented by a classy user interface fronted by a colour OLED display which unfortunately, is faint under sunlight.

Despite the cramped dimensions, the three-line display is very well-utilised for toggling between tracks and albums and includes some space for album art. Users can turn the rotating dial to navigate the menu and swap between track and album view by sliding the dial along a horizontal axis.

At 87.2 x 27.4 x 16.8mm with a sturdy 47g frame, the Walkman is fairly petite but pretty heavy when compared with MP3 players of the same build. For a good comparison, the older NW-E005 at 25g is almost half the weight of the NW-S705F. The buttons are well-laid-out except for the inaccessible Play Mode/Sound button on the rear.

The 13.5mm diameter earbuds share some of the design aesthetics of the higher-end Sony MDR-EX90LP. What's different is that microphones are built into the earphones to monitor ambient noise. Sony has possibly scored a first by building noise-cancelling technology into the MP3 player.

Previously, noise-cancelling solutions were the domain of headphone manufacturers, with resulting bulky processor units integrated inside the headphones. By hiding the processors within the MP3 player itself, it's definitely more elegant and unobtrusive.

The unique selling point of the NW-S705F is its noise-cancelling ability. In tests conducted in public transport environments, low-end noise like train rumbles were noticeably muted, though typical of consumer noise-cancelling technology, mid- to higher-end noise still comes through. Sony compensates for this by letting the user take control of the microphone's sensitivity. This helps to create a more tailored noise cancelling for different sonic environments. At press time, it's the first consumer grade product we have come across to have such an option.

The NW-S705F's noise-cancelling technology works by using the embedded microphones on the earbuds to monitor ambient noise level and send an inverse sound signal to cancel it.

Most of the player features are accessed via holding the Home button on the side of the MP3 player. This opens up options such as FM radio, playlists, shuffle playback, search, noise-cancelling activation and record arranged on a horizontal axis.

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