Sony Ericsson V600i review: Sony Ericsson V600i

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The Good 3G and Triband operation. 1.3 megapixel camera. Mp3 playback. Good battery life.

The Bad Screen is a smudge magnet. Low internal memory. Camera is only average.

The Bottom Line The v600i is a good jumping in point for 3G telephony, although there are flashier models out there.

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7.0 Overall

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The V600i -- which is essentially the Vodafone version of the Sony Ericsson K600i -- is a candybar form factor 3G mobile phone, measuring in at 105mm x 45mm x 19mm and weighing in at 105g. Our test model came in a plain black plastic casing and looks remarkably similar to many other Sony Ericsson phones, which is no great suprise. If you've got a design that's popular, you stick with it, and that's exactly what Sony Ericsson has done here.

The V600i's large TFT screen sits above the main dialling buttons and the five way clickable joystick selector. In keeping with the style of most Sony Ericsson phones, the rear of the phone is designed to look as camera-like as possible, including a rectangular sliding shutter that reveals the camera lens and activates the camera application, similar to the shutter found in the higher-end K800i. The rectangular shutter is the only evident design change between the V600i and the similar K600i, as the control shutter on the K600i is in the form of a wheel on the back. One good design touch here is the inclusion of six little braille-style dots on the shutter itself, which makes it very easy to quickly activate the camera functionality, even if you're working in the dark -- or under the influence of certain popular liquids.

The V600i is a 3G capable phone that also supports tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900) connectivity. It's locked to the Vodafone network, but at the time of writing, Vodafone will unlock it simply upon request. It comes with a 1.3-megapixel still camera, MP3 playback features and integration with common PC applications such as Microsoft Outlook via the provided software CD. It'll also manage radio reception, albeit only with the handsfree headset plugged in. That's a very standard limitation for mobile phone radios, however.

Storage on the phone is entirely internal, with 32MB of inbuilt memory available. If you're just keeping your SMS and MMS messages in the v600i it's plenty, but those keen on the MP3 playback features of the phone may find having only 32MB of storage somewhat painful. File management is via the supplied USB cable and the software suite provided with the phone.

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