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Sony Ericsson S312 review: Sony Ericsson S312

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The Good Magpie-friendly shiny screen; good looks; small size; dedicated camera and video buttons; useful LED photo light.

The Bad No 3G connectivity; proprietary headphone jack; low-resolution screen; few features.

The Bottom Line The Sony Ericsson S312 is a simple, shiny handset for those times when a smart phone is overkill and you'd rather stare at yourself than your mobile. Its low price tag is a fair deal for its small selection of features

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5.5 Overall

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If you fancy the Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness but you can't stump up the funds, the Sony Ericsson S312 may be just the ticket. It's a light, inexpensive phone with a shiny screen for gazing at your reflection.

You can snag the S312 for free on a £15-per-month, 24-month contract. It's also available on a pay-as-you-go deal for around £50, and can be had SIM-free for around £90.

Mirror, mirror, on the phone
The S312 seems to have been inspired by the Pureness, and, for such an affordable phone, it's pretty good-looking. The silver screen is very shiny, so don't think of investing in the S312 unless you like looking at yourself. All that shininess makes the screen harder to see in bright conditions, but it does make the phone stand out from the crowd.

The S312's clicky keys are satisfying to use and make it easy to type messages

Unlike the Pureness, the S312 has a full-colour screen underneath the gloss, with a straightforward user interface that won't upset anyone used to using a Sony Ericsson phone. The low resolution and blocky text betrays the phone's price point, however, as does its light weight. There are some fun features present, though, such as jazzy-looking animated screensavers.

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