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Sony Ericsson R306 review: Sony Ericsson R306

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The Good Large buttons. Has AM radio reception. Simple to use.

The Bad Only 5MB of storage. Input lag during texting. Fuzzy radio reception. Annoying nav key.

The Bottom Line The annoying navigation key, laggy messaging interface and fuzzy radio reception don't add up to a very good phone, even at this budget price.

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6.0 Overall

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Ever been out and about and developed a sudden, desperate hankering to listen to talkback radio? Neither have we, but if your wireless predilections include stations in the AM frequency range, you have a new, compact option for listening on the go.

Sony Ericsson's R306 is a budget clamshell handset equipped with an AM/FM radio and not a whole lot else. With its large buttons, sedate colours and easy access to the talk on 2UE, it seems a perfect fit for the blue-rinse brigade, but it's not daggy enough to embarrass you when you pull it out of a pocket.

With its squarish contours and bulky size, the R306 looks like a sixties designer's vision of future gadgetry. The silver and grey colour scheme is no-nonsense, and the phone is free — some would say mercifully free — from jewelled embellishments and touch-sensitive surfaces.

When closed and held horizontally, the R306 resembles a radio. Speakers on the left and right are divided by a silver panel that incorporates a monochrome display. This LCD displays incoming calls, radio stations and the clock. Beneath it are three preset buttons for quick access to stations as well as up and down keys for scrolling through channels.

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