Sony Ericsson MRC-60 review: Sony Ericsson MRC-60

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The Good Remote control. Simple to set up.

The Bad Incredibly niche. No direct PC connection. RCA Audio only.

The Bottom Line The MRC-60 does a good job of interfacing between your Sony Ericsson Mobile phone and your home stereo system -- as long as you've got the correct phone.

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8.0 Overall

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Design, Features and Performance
Sony Ericsson's delivered a large number of Walkman-branded mobiles, and spent a lot of money promoting the idea that they sell mobile music players that (more or less) just happen to be mobile phones as well.

Within that context, the MRC-60 is a fairly obvious product; it's an interface and docking station between your home stereo system and your mobile phone. The dock will also recharge your mobile when it's plugged in, but lacks a direct USB port for PC connection. The included remote control is a nice touch, as it works from a reasonable distance, and allows you to musically surf your mobile from a reasonable distance.

Naturally enough, you'd need to be familiar with your musical choices beforehand (or have Superman's eyesight), as it's an audio passthrough, and not a video one. Audiophiles may dislike the fact that it does straight stereo RCA audio only, although given the speaker quality on most mobiles, and the compressed nature of most people's music collections, optical audio would probably harm more than it helped.

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