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Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers review: Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers

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The Good Compact and well designed, the Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers also offer decent sound quality.

The Bad The Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers have few features and average volume.

The Bottom Line If you want to share your tunes on the go, the Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers are a perfect accompaniment for a Walkman phone.

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7.0 Overall

Sony Ericsson MPS-60

Sony Ericsson goes all out when it comes to cell phone accessories. After all, this is the company that brought us not only one of the first cell phone game controllers (as part of its Z600 flip phone) but also a Bluetooth remote control car. Now, however, it appears Sony Ericsson is taking a more practical stance by offering a series of portable speakers to go with its admirable lineup of Walkman phones.

You might scoff at the general idea, but the MPS-60 portable speakers are pretty cool. Attractively designed and easily portable, they offer acceptable sound quality for their size. And when paired with a Walkman phone such as the Sony Ericsson W600a, they're perfect for taking to work, to the beach, or away for the weekend. Keep in mind that it won't rival your living room sound system by any means, but they make for a fun experience nonetheless. On the other hand, if you want something more powerful, there are bigger options, such as the Sony Ericsson MDS-70 home audio system.

The Sony Ericsson MPS-60 portable speakers couldn't have a simpler design. Each speaker measures 1.25 by 1.6 by 1.2 inches and is styled in a minimalist but attractive gray and white color scheme. An orange ring pays homage to the color of the Walkman phone, as does the 1.8-foot wire that connects each cord to the white plug. It's worth noting, however, that the plug is compatible with only Walkman-branded phones, so even if you have another Sony Ericsson music phone, you're out of luck. Also, because the plug connects to the phone's charger port, you can't listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. Criticisms aside, the lightweight speakers come with a plastic carrying case that measures 5 by 2.25 by 1.6 inches. Though too big for a pocket, it slips easily into a bag. There are no integrated features such as bass and treble controls to speak of, but we weren't expecting much from something so tiny in the first place.

Setting up the speakers is exceptionally easy; just plug them into your phone and you're good to go. When paired with our Sony Ericsson W600i, they delivered surprisingly good sound quality, just like the phone itself. Volume was about average--they won't rock the house--and the audio was mostly clean and clear. Bass-heavy tracks were somewhat muffled, however, especially at the highest volume levels. Again, these are not home-theater speakers, but they're satisfying overall as long as you don't expect too much. And at $49, they're well worth the price.

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