Sonostar enters the smartwatch arena (hands-on)

Sonostar shows off a sleek new smartwatch, or at least a prototype of one, at CTIA 2013. To be sold for $179, the gadget connects to Android smartphones to display alerts on its curved e-ink screen.

Brian Bennett Former Senior writer
Brian Bennett is a former senior writer for the home and outdoor section at CNET.
Brian Bennett

Sonostar Smartwatch
The Sonostar Smartwatch links to phones via Bluetooth to display alerts and GPS info. Brian Bennett/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Just when you thought you'd seen all the smartwatch contenders, enter the Sonostar Smartwatch. I spotted this wrist-strapped number tucked away in a far-flung hall here at CTIA 2013.

Like many of its ilk within the emerging smart-timepiece category, such as the Pebble, MetaWatch, and Martian Passport, the Sonostar device promises to link to phones and give access to handy info. I have to put a heavy emphasis on the word promise since the gadgets I placed my hands on were all nonfunctioning prototypes.

Still, the Sonostar reps I chatted with swear that the gizmo links to Android handsets via wireless Bluetooth connections to feed alerts to its curved, e-ink-style screen. In theory you'll be able to check the smartwatch for fresh e-mails, text messages, and incoming calls. Additionally the product will harness your phone's GPS sensor to pinpoint your exact location, whether that be on an urban hike or strolling through the back nine.

At the moment there's still no exact word on a ship date outside of summer 2013, though the company did say the Sonostar Smartwatch will cost $179.