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Sonic Impact SoundPax review: Sonic Impact SoundPax

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The Good Portable; inexpensive.

The Bad Cardboard material susceptible to the elements; distortion at high volume.

The Bottom Line These foldable speakers will bring life--and a lot of music--to any gathering. Despite light bass and some distortion at high volumes, we were impressed with what we got for the inexpensive price.

7.3 Overall

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Sonic Impact SoundPax portable speakers

The SoundPax portable speakers offer great sound that will get your party started, and they're available for a mere $69, much less than other speakers of this caliber. Designed for mobility, these cardboard speakers are particularly lightweight, and they fold into a traffic cone-looking pyramid that's 12 inches wide, 16 inches high, and only 2.5 inches thick. The SoundPax speakers come with their own nylon carrying case and a digital audio amp. No PC-related installation is needed, and setting up the speakers is fairly simple--an included sheet guides you through. Just put batteries in the amp and connect the included color-coded speaker wires to the amp and to your laptop, MP3 player, or CD player. Although we heard some distortion at higher volume levels and the bass was a little weak, these speakers produced louder and better-quality sound than other portable speakers.

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