Sonic Impact i-Fusion review: Sonic Impact i-Fusion

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The Good The Sonic Impact i-Fusion offers great audio quality in a travel-friendly package and at a reasonable price.

The Bad The Sonic Impact i-Fusion neither includes a remote nor natively accommodates the latest iPod.

The Bottom Line The Sonic Impact i-Fusion portable speaker system for the Apple iPod is a compact and efficient powerhouse that enables you to share your music with the world--or at least with those around you.

7.7 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 7
  • Performance 8

Sonic Impact i-Fusion Portable Speakers for the iPod

When you want to release your iPod's tunes and amplify them to party potential, look to the Sonic Impact i-Fusion ($150), a portable speaker powerhouse specifically designed to work with any dockable iPod. The main difference between this mini boombox and others made for the iPod is the case itself. When an iPod is playing through the speakers, the hard shell's thick casing and density act as natural audio enhancers, resulting in a very bass-heavy sound not unlike that of a full-fledged cabinet. When not in use, the iPod, audio, and power cables all have dedicated storage compartments within the housing of the device. The casing zips closed and is made of a hard, high-grade texturized material to protect both the speakers and the iPod inside.

Using several interchangeable adapters, we easily switched out different iPod versions. Unfortunately, the i-Fusion does not accommodate the latest video iPod, but you can easily plug any outside audio source into the external stereo connector via the included cable. There's even a 30-pin connector input on the back of the iFusion so that you can transfer music to your iPod while it's docked in the speaker set. The stereo speakers are powered by an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery that automatically goes into standby mode if the iPod is not in use. The only accessory missing is an included remote control. If not for this deficiency, we would most certainly give it an Editors' Choice. However, several wireless remote controls, such as the Griffin AirClick, will do the job.

We were very impressed by the overall sound quality of the speakers. After testing the unit with several different genres and a multitude of bass and treble ranges, we were hard-pressed to find a song that the i-Fusion couldn't handle. Even at the highest volume, which was more than loud enough to keep our mini dance party going well into the night, tunes did not distort.

The i-Fusion's ease of use, ultraportability, and exceptional audio quality make it one of our favorite portable audio systems. For one of our other faves, check out the Logitech mm50.