Solteras Halo BTH headset

Quick Take: Reminiscent of the pink Energizer bunny, Solteras Halo BTH headset battery keeps going and going; however, the trade-off for the long battery life is an unattractive design that will be a turnoff to fashion mavens. Though it employs a foldable boom mic, it has a bulbous, inflexible ear loop containing the battery, the tiny controls, and a conspicuous black-and-white coloring.

We tested the headset on the Nokia 6820, the Motorola V600, and the Sony Ericsson T616. Audio quality was clear, with excellent volume control. Solteras promises 15 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby time. Though we managed only 10 days of standby time in our tests, it was still impressive. For more Bluetooth headsets, check out our Bluetooth headset roundup.