The Sirius Sportster Replay is an update of the company's original Sportster model. The list price is $170, but this model can be found online for less. It's a plug-and-play Sirius model, which means the diminutive head unit goes where you do. It ships with a car kit for mounting in your vehicle, but you can also buy other receptacles--a home kit, a boombox, or an additional car dock--for listening in other locations as well.

Upside: Like all plug-and-play models, the Sportster Replay lets you listen to the dozens of Sirius satellite music, news, talk, and sports stations wherever you go (assuming you invest in suitable docking stations) while paying only a single-subscription price of $13 per month. The unit has a TiVo-style buffer that lets you rewind as much as 44 minutes of audio, so you can always replay that favorite song. It also includes an FM transmitter, so--rather than using a cassette adapter or a line-in port--you can hear your Sirius stations rebroadcast to any nearby FM radio. And per its sporty name, the Sportster will notify you when your favorite teams are playing and update you on scores.

Downside: The Sirius Sportster Replay is transportable, but it's not one of the new MP3-enabled portable units (such as the Sirius S50) that you can slide in your pocket to listen to recorded satcasts. And if the low price seems too good to be true, remember that you'll need to factor in the monthly subscription, as well as any of the extra accessories you might require to listen to the Sportster away from your car.

Outlook: Howard Stern's radio show starts on Sirius in early January 2006. While the Sirius Sportster Replay isn't a cutting-edge satellite radio, it's an affordable entry-level option for Stern fans who are anxious to hear his new uncensored, no-holds-barred show. Check back soon for a complete hands-on review.